Monday, 27 June 2016

New Images for Slide Pendants (1x3 inch)


Long time passed since my last post....
I uploaded more than 250 new images into 'Bookmark images' directory. Please take a look at the section 'Woman'. There are beautiful images donated by Russ for my website.

Short link to Images for Slide Pendants

Thank you, Russ, for taking time to send images to me.

You can find ready collages prepared for you by Russ on his Pinterest Board Russsharp.

Couple image examples from new collection:

Thank you. I hope you enjoy my service.
If you want donate images for my website and be introduced in my blog, please contact me.


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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Harley Davidson Logo and Mickey Minnie Mouse images for yewerly, scrapbooking, and more.


These news are from Images for Crafts by BestPeopleCa

Just would like to let you know I uploaded round images of Harley Davidson Logo.

Also many images of  Mickey & Minnie have been uploaded today.

Please check out What's New on website Home Page.

You can download all images you found on my website, print, and use for small commerce or personal needs.

You may be want to resize images and create the collage sheet for easy and convenient printing. You can do that with help of my website under the link Make Collage Sheet.

All images are free. Most of them is original art work.

Thank you.


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Thursday, 29 January 2015

New Digital Photo Templates for pendants, tags, bracelets

News from DigitalTemplates by BestPeople.Ca


These news for everybody who probably missed new digital  photo templates uploaded in January 2015.

Please visit my website Digital Templates to see all of them. You will find premade pictures for diamond shape glass pendant, scrabble tile cufflinks, bracelet, bag tags, and bottle cap magnets.

All digital templates easy to use with Photoshop, GIMP, and any graphic tool that works with layers.

You also can use the templates online with help of my website.

I would like to share free template in thanks for being my friends and customers for many years.

Digital photo template for antique bronze square 1x1 inch setting pendant with rolo chain
To save the template on you computer click on the image. Right click on the large version and "save as...'

That template fits to image requirements of most popular marketplaces: Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and so on.

Thank you.

* My shop on Etsy:   Templates4Sellers - Hundreds digital photo templates and digital collage sheets for all your craft needs.

* Please visit my other blog Handmade unique hair accessories. Thank you.

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Happy Holiday Season, Promo code, and Free Collage Sheet


This wonderful holiday season I would like to say THANK YOU all of you for being my customers and friends. Please open my Greeting Card for you.

Also, I activated PROMO CODE in my Shop Templates4Sellers on Etsy. Please enjoy 10% discount on any digital photo template or digital collage sheet. Use PROMO CODE 'BestPeopleCaThanks' when placing an order. The coupon will be active until December 31/2014.

You can use the same coupon code in my second Shop on Etsy BestPeopleCa .

And finally, please feel free to download, print and use the collage sheet below for your personal or small commerce needs.

Digital Collage Sheeet
New Year Digital Collage Sheet


I hope you will enjoy this coming Holiday Season!

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Monday, 6 October 2014 Web sites are not available October 6/2014


2014/10/06 1:35 PM EST :
All my websites:
are not available.

The hosting provider I keep my websites with, has the big issue with the servers.
You can see the server's statuses here

My server is IIS405.

Sorry for inconvenience. I hope they will solve that issue soon.


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